• English-Advanced B (6003)
  • תקציר הקורס:


    The English Advanced 2 course trains students in various advanced reading,

    writing and presentation skills and strategies, with the aim of helping them

    to better navigate academic literature; summarize and synthesize research articles.

    General, quasi-technical and technical English vocabulary will be enriched by

    reading original, up-to-date professional articles which are relevant to

    students’ studies. Language skills (grammar) will be taught/reviewed, when relevant,

    as a means  of improving both reading and writing. Students will be better

    prepared for their Final Projects, as well as able to compete in academic

    and industry marketplaces. Students will improve their communication skills

    by practicing their spoken English in class and enhancing their presentation

    skills by creating professional—looking poster projects on topics of general and

    professional interest in various fields of engineering.